Relaxed lifestyle is just a kush away.
Kushie Brand isn’t just a marijuana brand; it’s a way of life.
Believing in the need for self-care and ability to unwind, Kushie Brand helps promote
the relaxing and joyful qualities of marijuana while contributing to eliminate the social taboo associated with th cannabis community. Offering
premier cannabis products and stylish apparel and accessories, Kushie Brand has quickly become the safe-haven for artists and creatives who value individuality and imagination.
We are part of the One Tree Planted Foundation and feel its our duty to give back to mother earth by planting Trees across the globe. We have
planted over 2500 Trees to date and continue to plant Trees yearly!


Kushie Brand began their journey as a creative outlet and network for photographers and videographers who had an interest in the creative side of cannabis culture. As they started to create content with their connections to artists and musicians, Kushie Brand began to grow their apparel and accessories line. More creative types began to gravitate towards Kushie Brand for their focus on cultivating content and clothing focused on the creative and relaxing lifestyle associated with cannabis. Not long after they began to develop and produce cannabis products, solidifying themselves in the marijuana industry. Officially born in 2014, Kushie Brands has been keeping the weed scene fresh and modern ever since. As they expand on social media, connect with more photographers and artists, and grow with the marijuana industry, Kushie Brands hopes to provide patients with the relaxing lifestyle they deserve